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Skype Lessons

  On Saturdays from 10am to 2pm Mountain Time, Andy Schiller will be available to teach you LIVE guitar lessons via Skype. Your first 5 minute lesson is FREE!!! If you would like to take LIVE GUITAR LESSONS right here, from a qualified teacher, simply follow these steps:


  1. Download Skype (its FREE!) and install the program on your computer.


  2. Test your sound and webcam. Make sure you are in a room with plenty of lighting, no background noise, and no distractions. Sit close to the screen so that I can see your fingers. Make sure BOTH OF YOUR HANDS appear on the screen!


  3. Tune up your guitar! Use an electronic tuner. We will not be able to being the lesson or play together unless you tune first. If you are out of tune when the lesson begins, your entire 5 minute free lesson will be a lesson on tuning.


  4. If you are using an acoustic guitar, you will not need an amp. If you are using an electric guitar, you may wish to use a small amp, but make certain that the guitar volume is well BELOW the volume of your voice, or you will drown your voice out when you speak and play.


  5. Dial me up! My Skype address is:


  6. I want to give each individual student my full attention. When I teach you a lesson, YOU are the only person on my screen!!! So remember that if you dial me and I do not respond right away, it is because I am with another student. Try again in ten minutes. It is too difficult to teach group lessons on Skype, because the sound of several players at once can make it impossible to hear my voice.