Beyond Guitar

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Q: What if the video stutters, stops, or only partially plays?
A: Be patient. Wait for the video to load completely, then press play. You may want to view the lessons on a computer that is hooked up to a faster connection. Use a hard cable rather than an airport if you can. If you have checked all of your equipment and you believe that it is a problem with BeyondGuitar, please don't hesitate to use our contact us page, or write us an email at: We'll check it out as soon as we can, and get back to you.
Q: How often should I practice?
A: The definition of a musician is a person who plays music every day. Keep in mind that a person who plays the guitar "every once in a while" is a GUITAR OWNER! Are you a musician or a guitar owner?
Q: Do I need to purchase a guitar to start lessons?
A: Yes, you need an instrument. It's impossible to practice without one.
Q: How often should I tune my guitar?
A: All the time. Constantly. Every time you play it. During a concert, pro guitarists tune their guitar between each song.
Q: Is it legal to teach the notes of a song?
A: It is. However, distributing notation and recordings is not. Notice that in our videos, teachers do not use recordings of the actual artist. Nor does the teacher play more than a few seconds of the song at a time. Nor do we provide any sheet music in notation form. Section 107 of the Copyright Code states that short samples of music can be used for "criticism, comment, or teaching..." However, if an artist asks us to remove a video on their song, we will cheerfully respect their wishes.
Q: If you strum the chord progression, are you then performing the song?
A: In copyright terms, a song is two things: 1) the melody 2) the words. Chord progressions are not copyrightable.
Q: What is a "walkthrough"?
A: A walkthrough is simply speaking and playing each note of a song one at a time in a very slow and methodical manner. Its a great way to learn a song without sheet music.
Q: Are you a "green" company?

A: We're as green as we can be. The electricity that powers our cameras and video editing equipment is provided by wind power. We use Fantom Green Drives exclusively. We recycle all batteries and obsolete computer equipment.

Q: Do you donate a portion of your proceeds to charity?

A: Yes. This year, 10% of all net profits are being donated to the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts in Boulder, CO.