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LINKS: guide to Classic Rock Tablature
Links to classic Rock tabs, chords and sheet music, from

Absolute Tabs
Wide ranging guitar, bass and drum tab archive. Over 1000 tabs from dozens of artists.

Acid bath - Setch's Unofficial Tab Site
Tablature for two of Acid Bath's albums.

Acoustic Fingerstyle
Tabs for fingerstyle guitar in pdf and zip format from a number of serious guitarists.

Acoustic Tabs UK
Specialized in acoustic guitar tabs. Simply arranged by band.

Adam Schneider's Guitar Files
Chords and tablature for songs by varied artists. Includes guitar files, links and contact details.

Adam's Guitar Tab Page
Tabs created by Adam for a wide range of bands.

Aerie Free Guitar Tablature
Annotated listing of tablature and software sites along with guitar lessons.

Axel Tabs
Large collection of tablature organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine available.
Tabs for the major bands simply organized by album.

Banwarth's Irish Guitar and Bouzouki
Guitar and Bouzouki in Irish traditional music. TablEdit tabs, scores, MIDI, and tips.

Bucket o' Tab
Freeware tablature editor for Windows 3.1/9x. 4-7 strings. Includes MIDI support.

Chords and Lyrics
A few hundred chords of well-known English and Estonian songs.

Christian Guitar Resources
Over 5,000 tabs at this Christian tab site. Thousands of CCM, praise and bass tabs, as well as Powerpoint slides and concert listings.

Country Music Tabs at About
This index contains pages for artists listing guitar tablature, chords and lyrics by album.

Country Tabs
Specializes in guitar tabs for country music.

Dave's Guitar World
A few dozen tabs for AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Collective Soul, Staind, Survivor, Tantric, and others.

A major collection of tabs and lessons.

Electric Guitars
We stock acoustic electric guitars in all of your favorite brands like Fender, Alvarez, Taylor, Washburn and many more styles. We've got straight acoustics, jumbo sizes & signature models acoustic guitars at best rates.

Freeware ASCII tablature editor for Mac/Windows/Unix. 30 fretboard positions accessible by a single keystroke. 4-7 strings.

Flamenco Falsetas
Offers tablature in various file formats for flamenco guitar.

Giga Tabs
Collection of guitar tablatures and chords. Includes ability to add, correct and request entries.

Global Tabs
Tabs for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Travis, Stereophonics and related bands.

Greg's MIDI and Tab
Free backing tracks and tabs organized by alphabetical order.

Guitar Music
How to Play Guitar Music & Guitar Songs

Guitar Pro
A multitrack tablature editor/player for guitar, banjo and bass. Free demo. Import/export MIDI and ASCII. Links to Guitar Pro tabs.

Guitar Pro Song Book
A large and diverse collection of tablature in Guitar Pro format.

Guitar Resources
Guitar tablature organized by artist and songs. Also includes lessons and requests.

Guitar Tab Universe
A large, comprehensive tablature site that started from the OLGA. Search A-Z by band or use search form.

Guitar Tablature Archive
Archive of guitar and bass tab collected over the net, including classic rock, metal, alternative, and indie.

Guitar Tabs Dot Net
Up-to-date links to tablature sites and other site listings.

GUITAR WAROn line guitar competition

A comprehensive, wide-ranging tab archive arranged by band.

Harmony Central
OLGA mirrors and tab search, with links to tab sites and commercial tab vendors.

Heavy Metal Tabs
Tabs for bands such as Pantera, Metallica, Machine Head and others in document form.

I Will Worship
Praise and worship tab and chord charts for Christian and classical music.

Jars of Christian Guitar Tabs
4,000 Christian guitar tabs along with a lot of supporting information.

Js Ultimate Guitar Page
Over 270 tabs for songs of great guitarits and their bands. Visitors can make requests.

Tabs for guitar and bass. Includes lessons, links and chords.

LaRace's Guitar Tabs
Guitar tabs for Eric Clapton, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Len's Music Pages
Fingerpicking guitar files in TablEdit, Desktop Guitarist, Tablature and MIDI Formats.

Lou's Guitar Tab
Tabs in zipped album collections for Metallica, Rage Agaisnt the Machine and Jimi Hendrix.

Tablature for David Bowe, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen.

Lute Page for Guitarists
General information on lute tablature and links to other lute tab sites.

Manny-Black Hip-Hop Guitar Tabs
A small collection of hip-hop guitar tabs - includes Eminem, Xzibit, Tupac and others.

Matt's Guitar Site
Tablatures from Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Suede, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Guns 'n Roses.

Matt's Music Site
Tabs of major modern pop-rock bands including Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Guns, Suede, and RHCP in text and guitar pro formats.

Max's Awesome Guitar Tabs
Site contains a few dozen tabs from popular groups such as Blink 182, Metallica, and Jimi Hendrix.

An easy-access archive of guitar and drum tabs for heavy metal bands.

Mike's Guitar Site
Guitar tabs for blues and rock.

Notation software for guitar/bass tablature (4-6 strings, alternate tunings), treble/bass/drum notation, chord diagrams, and lyrics in any font.

Music Tab Kingdom
Tabs for Israeli artists, mostly made by Motty Katan.

Tablatures for Pink Floyd, The Beatles, REM, U2 and others.

My Classical Guitar Page
Tabs and scores for classical guitar: Albeniz, Bach, Barrios, Brouwer, Sor, Villa-Lobos...

My Guitar
A page of tabs from the major bands collected from around the Web.

My Guitar Tabs
A few hundred tabs for a few dozen diverse bands on a single page.

Mystikalz Voodoo Music
Tabs from Aerosmith, Korn and Metallica.

New Insurgent Country Homepage
Major source of country tabs/chords and lyrics in the "Americana Songbook".

Ogregod's Tablature Page
Tablature featuring primarily heavy metal style. Also has lessons and a guitar forum.

Oh Canada Tab Archive
A major collection of guitar tabs from Canadian musicians in an a-z listing.

Old Rock Tabs And Chords
Selected tabs and chords of old rock music for groups of the Beatles, Stones, and Jethro Tull era.

OLGA - On-Line Guitar Archive
Accesses off-site OLGA archives of 33,000 tabs/chords. Not updated since 1988. Also accesses more modern, but limited, on-site archive of over a thousand tabs.

Pepsiman50's Guitar Tab Archive
Large collection of rock and alternative guitar tabs. If you can't find a song you can request it here.

Perso Flamenco & Classic
Free scores / Mp3 for classical and flamenco guitar

Perso Flamenco and Classic
Tablatures for flamenco and classic guitar, many in Guitar Pro format and images of scores, sometimes with MIDI or MP3 files.

Phoenix Den
A smattering of tabs for over a few dozen rock bands.

Pinkish - Black Tab for Punkish People
A general collection of about 40 links to guitar, bass and drum tab sites for mostly metal/alternative music.

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics Site
Guitar chords and lyrics to songs by various artists, Dylan, REM, Radiohead, Oasis, Van Morrison, Greenday, Stereophonics, Tom Waits, U2, and Beatles.

On-site tab archive, with links to tab sites, resources and search engines.


Christian, praise, kids and Christmas guitar tabs along with related information.

Punk Rock Tabs
Guitar and bass tabs for NoFX, No Use for a Name, Bad Religion, Millencolin, Pulley, Oi Polloi, Circle Jerks, Anti-Flag, and Lagwagon.

Punk Rock Tabs
A modest collection of guitar and bass punk rock tabs.

Quality Tabs Inc.
Verified tablatures with lyrics from wide range of popular groups including Radiohead, Nirvana and U2.

Randy Net
An eclectic mix of tabs - but you'll need "RandyTab" to read them (a free download).

Guitar tabs of the latest songs, available in a variety of formats and as one big zip file.

Reggae Bass Tabs and Guitar Chords
Reggae bass tabs and guitar chords of Bob Marley, Culture, Israel Vibration, Burning Spear, Max Romeo.

Rimsky's Guitar Page
Verified, commented guitar tablature of some popular songs.

Rock Magic
Guitar and bass tabs for many popular rock bands. Also lyrics, MIDIs and related discussion boards.

Rock Tabs Online
Guitar tabs for heavy metal, hard rock, industrial, alternative, and hardcore bands. Arranged by album.

Sick 1 Tabs
Guitar and Bass Tabs for Deftones, Filter, KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine and other various bands.

Sixteenth-Century Printed Tablatures
for the lute, viuehla, guitar, cittern, bandora, mandora and orpharion, extensive database arranged chronologically and by composer.

Sola - New Zealand Tabs
Bass and guitar tabs for over 50 New Zealand bands.

Songs for Jesus
Chords for a few dozen Christian songs arranged by title.

Steve Mc's Guitar Tablature
A big page of folk tune tabs in TablEdit format, includes MIDI files.

Strum It
A general collection of tabs from the major current bands along with links.

Tab Archive
Artists listed alphabetically. Links to many other tab sites.

Tab Book
Tablature organizer. Supports .tab and .crd formats.

Tab Classics
A few dozen selected guitar and bass riffs created by the site owner.

Tab Country
Tablature collection organized by artist and song name. Forum, requests and links also available.

Tab Generator
HTML based tab generator.

Archive arranged by artists. Contains links to sites with guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, and trumpet tabs. Also featuring lessons, articles and a chord generator.

Tab of the Week
A few hundred rock, pop, alternative and metal tabs and links to other tab sites.

Tab Robot
Guitar tab and chord search engine covers the Web including OLGA. Finds tablature by song or band.

Tab Search Central
Guitar and bass tablature organized by alphabetical order. Search engine included.


Tab World Online
Alternative and hard rock guitar tabs for 200 bands such as 311, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, and Limp Bizkit.

A 10-track tablature editor with MIDI playback for guitar, bass, and banjo.

Guitar and bass tablature organized by artist alphabetically. Search included.

Shareware program for creating, playing, and printing guitar, bass or banjo tablature and making MIDI files.

Tablature Hell
Tablatures of power metal bands like Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Blind Guardian.

TablEdit Tablature Editor
A program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music. Multiple tracks, 3-12 strings, MIDI playback.

Tablature, links and pictures from the best Australian bands.

Tabs R Us
Over 500 diverse tabs in an easy access environment.

Tabs, Lyrics & Chords
Tablature editor/database for transposing keys and other tab operations.

Search engine covers the OLGA, web sites and local tabs, with sections on new and popular sites.

Search engine with a sizeable on-site guitar tab site of classic rock and alternative music.

The Christian Music Web
Contemporary Christian song archive arranged in simple directory by band.

The Classical Guitar Home Page
Well organized with lots of original tabs, many with midi/wav samples, background information and difficulty level.

The Demons Lair - Metal Tabs
Large collection of metal guitar tabs arranged by band.

The Guitar Tabalorium
Guitar and bass tabs for varied bands.

The Guitar Tablature Guide
Reviews of sites providing guitar and bass tablature and sheet music.

The Kickass Guitar Tab Page
About 40 bands, mostly alternative, in zip files by album.

The Reaper's Metal Tablature Archive
Tablature for metal bands such as Arch Enemy, Naglfar, Fates Warning, Kreator and others.

The Tabworld.Com
Very large collection of guitar, bass and drum tabs. Other features include lessons, manufacturer information, member community, visitor reviews, discussion board and chord generator.

The Ultimate Tab Page
Nearly 500 tabs, mostly alternative and metal, with a large Metallica section.

The United TABS Of America
Pop, rock, blues and jazz American music tabs.

Tigroo's Home of Noisy Colors
Tablature by album for Kilgore, Korn, Machine Head, Metallica, Paparoach, Rage Agaisnt the Machine and others in zip format.

Total Tabs
Tablature organized by country, rock, aussie and Christian.

Ultimate Guitar Archive
Search a sizeable archive of tabs or browse by artist. Also has lessons, links and software.

Unplugged Melody
Acoustic tablature and chords from Sublime, Staind, Everlast, and Cold.


Video Game Jam
Well-organized guitar tablature for video game music. MIDI files of the tabs are included so you can play along.

Web Chord
An on-line utility for converting ChordPro files to HTML, for viewing, printing or use on web pages.

WSR - Tabs 'n stuff
Includes 600 tabs arranged by albums of metal, alternative and punk bands such as biohazard, deftones, korn, ...

Xclusive Guitar Tabs
Diverse, small collection all tabbed by the site owner, Frederic Maquet.