Beyond Guitar

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Connie D.

"Hey Andy! I am currently sitting in the computer lab with 20 guitar students who are all on your website watching your videos and looking at your tab and chord charts.  I am hearing you in stereo and then some!  Thanks for creating such an awesome website, the students really enjoy using it!"

Tony, from Rothbury MI
"I wanted to sign up at the music store for a class, but I work 60 hours a week and can`t commit to private lessons. Now I jam with you on my computer, and the kids grab their guitars too and we all play together."

Tanzil, from South Africa
"Using the forum to post a question has introduced me to new friends, and has given me new ways to practice."

Martin H.
"Most sites charge a monthly membership fee, but yours is an a-la-cart service... just what I`ve been looking for!"

Brandy Z.
"I`ve been to other websites about recording, but none of them had a three-time GRAMMY winner show me how he mics a guitar. I learned more from that video than a whole semester of Community College!"

Greg R.
"I only want to take classical lessons from a qualified University instructor, but I live in the middle of nowhere. But now I have Masters level teachers in my living room. Thanks, BG..."

Geoff Z.
"Andy McKee`s EBON COAST is a rather obscure tune. I couldn`t find a lesson on it anywhere. But then I posted on the `request` forum, and the next day, there it was..."<

Chris R.
"After trying a dozen different lesson sites, I`ve found that this is the only one where you can request a lesson..."

George P.
"This is the only place where I have found accurate Kaki King walkthroughs..."

Angela L.
I couldn't find any website that taught Naudo, but with BG I can request a lesson on any song from YouTube..."

Anna P.
"Thanks! I`m a classical guitarist, and it helps immensely to play along with you at different speeds..."

Chris V.
"After watching the video on right hand stabilization, my fingerpicking speed improved immediately. Thanks!"

Ryan D.
"I really like Andy`s personality as a teacher - he`s entertaining and informative."

Jake S.
Andy is a very fun instructor....

Enrique G.
I am a beginner, and I enjoy the way Andy breaks down every note of a song, in an easy to follow way, that even I can follow...

Nick F.
"I saw Robb play with Big Daddy and the Blues Cats in Boulder last weekend, and it was one of the best shows I`ve seen this year..."